Why Festivals are the way forward for the right brand?

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Collectively, festivals attract millions of engagement every year with new ones popping up on what now seems like a daily basis. Glastonbury festival alone attracts well in excess of 150’000 people. Add to this the fact that surveys show over 50% of festival attendees spend in excess of £100 at festivals (source), and it’s clear to see why brands are keen to market to a captive audience at these events.

The positive mood created by the festival environment makes them an ideal place for brands to communicate their core message, increase consumer loyalty, and generate a buzz around their products in a fun way. This is especially true for brands whose target market includes millennials and gen Z. That being said there’s also a lot to distract from your brand’s message, with well-known bands, crazy circus shows and an array of beer & music tents all vying for the attendee’s attention. Not to mention your competitors marketing efforts.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your festival marketing campaign connects to cut-through the ‘noise’

How will you connect?

Festivals are fun, exciting and fast paced. If your brand tries to market to festival goers by handing out lengthy brochures and promotional literature, then this campaign isn’t likely to succeed. Simply sponsoring a music tent won’t deliver the goods either, those days are gone, people want and expect more. Brands need to ‘get in on the action’ – Think how festival goers might relate to your brand or products in this unique environment, so that your brand becomes a part of their ‘festival story’ and caters to their needs.

The options are almost limitless, but the key is to connect creatively with people in a way that allows your brand to be seen as a part of the fun festival experience, rather than just a sponsor or advertiser.

Plan for All Weather

Whilst festival goers hope for sun during their festival, relying on this as a brand is a mistake. If your experiential marketing campaign will only work in the dry, then you are taking unnecessary risks.

By planning for all eventualities, you should be able to make the most of whatever weather Britain throws at festival goers.

While developing your experiential marketing campaign, try to think how you could put a twist on your activities to respond positively to both hot sunny days and torrential downpours. If you can think of a creative, way to use extremes to your advantage (either fun and high impact, or useful, such as free sun cream or umbrellas), you’ll increase the success of your campaign, and likely drive much greater engagement with passers-by.

Hire Excellent Field Staff

Whilst there is no shortage of people wanting to work at festivals in exchange for free entry, they might not always be the most effective staff, as they may have little to no experience in experiential marketing.

Festivals are fun, but it’s important to remember that some members of the public may have a little too much to drink.

For these reasons, hiring seasoned events staff who can not only reflect your brand as expected, but who are also well briefed on what to do should a difficult situation arise, will improve the effectiveness of your campaign.


In short, there is a great opportunity for brands to become a part of peoples ‘festival story’, creating experiences that will be remembered by consumers to enhance brand loyalty. However being a sponsor isn’t enough, brands need to get creative, be involved with the festival experience, and have great staff on hand to execute the campaign in a safe, responsible, but fun way.

So when you are considering where and how to promote your brand make sure you consider experiential marketing at events and definitely consider calling us.