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B2B / B2C sales are in the middle of a revolution, the potent growth of data and technology is transforming how we create and maintain winning sales strategies. As a result Cosine has redefined the blueprint for B2B sales.

Partnering with Axis, our data insight brand, we are creating sales teams that have a unique tool kit, accelerating speed to sale in both real time and pipeline conversion.


Our CRM platform systematically builds knowledge about your customer and our predictive capabilities anticipate their future requirements.

Cosine has teams out there winning for our clients across financial services, broadcasting, retail, logistics, business services, automotive and hospitality.

Share your business goals and let us show you how we can partner with you to drive your sales and maximise your profit.

Why is Cosine Direct Sales Different?

Market Leading
Sales Talent

Laser targeting

The days of leaning on your reps local knowledge and google searches are over.

Once we establish who your customer is we work with our internal and external data sources to establish where they are, what their world looks like and how it can be improved with your product.

Your customers are unique, so we will effectively segment them based on opportunities to ensure we focus on the biggest wins.

Our profiling of your customers will constantly evolve and our algorithms will build the attributes of customers that lead to highest conversions constantly driving business growth and ROI.

Effective pipeline management

Tracking today’s sales is important but knowing how many will be sold tomorrow, next week, next month or even next quarter is critical.

Cosine B2B has developed an advanced pipeline management tool that allows sales team to monitor future sales.

Tracking past performance and combining with future pipeline we have a proven 92% accuracy rate on sales forecasts.

This allows our management team to focus on developing your future with the confidence that today’s sales will take care of themselves.

That is smart analytics working hard for your sales.

Focused on LTV

Freedom of choice is moving to a new level and tying sales into long term contracts will become a thing of the past.

Businesses will choose their partners on the value and service they deliver and constantly evaluate this decision.

The long term worth of a customer will be a heady mix of relevance and experience.

On-boarding and retention is a key part of Cosine’s sales strategy and we work with our clients to ensure we factor this in beyond the signature on the dotted line.

However you measure your LTV we will align your sales team to deliver this, future proofing your sales.

Powerful MI

Sales is a numbers game – google this and you will be overwhelmed by the volume of opinion.

We recognise smart strategies and behaviours are valuable but ultimately their effectiveness is measured through the numbers.

Tracking and evaluating those numbers every minute of every day is key to understanding and changing sales performance.

We have created performance management dashboards allowing our managers to monitor and compare every step of the sales cycle. Providing immediate alerts when the numbers deviate from target, allowing our field managers to fix, learn and share in real time.

Sales is a numbers game and we LOVE them!

Account Management

Following acquisition, a different set of skills are required to nurture and grow the business relationship. We start to create joint business plans, move into problem solving and future proofing relationships.

Through our effective account management we have delivered a reduction in churn, increase in value, improved compliance and increased advocacy across a variety of business bases on behalf of our customers.

We segment your existing customer base and build customer models grouping common attributes and needs. Creating tailored objectives and plans based on the segment increases the long term value of the relationship.

Constant Innovation

Our mission is to continually learn and improve what we do, and with the explosion of big data we have been able to change our forecasting model to predictive analytics. Learning from past behaviours can now be powerfully harnessed to determine the future and this is having a transformational shift on sales teams.

Cosine Direct Sales has embraced predictive analytics and how this can transform your sales strategy.

Through building and pulling in all your data assets our analysts build your predictive model to drive both effectiveness and efficiency. Increasing your return on investment and building your customer knowledge bank propelling success into the future.

But we never stand still and are constantly working on the next big thing on the B2B agenda.

Market Leading
Sales Talent

Cosine is synonymous with sales and we attract sales talent through our reputation and the wide reaching sales careers we can offer.

Today’s sales talent is ambitious, tech-savvy and need their careers to enrich their lives.

Our Sales Lab offers training that combines the art of conversational selling and analytical skills required to be successful and maximise your earnings.

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